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Best videogame writing

Hey fine folks of TAY. This semester, a lit class I was going to teach got yanked, and instead I'll have to each yet another English composition course. I've grown tired of endlessly teaching essays that students don't care about, so I've structured this class around videogames. Every week we'll play one or two videogames (very short, free ones, including Facade, Small Worlds, Aether, The Graveyard, The Marriage, Passage, Today I die, Back to the First Date, Maninchi, Real Lives, Canabalt, Flow, Cart Life (that's a bit longer, I know), Depression Quest and Unmanned, among others), discuss them in the context of rhetoric and composition (and how these games connect to the world), and the students will write essays that use these games and discussions as a leaping off point. I'm very excited about it.

That being said, I'm only about 3/4 set on the essays that they'll be reading in the class, and I would love to crowdsource some help:


What are the best essays on videogames you've read?

It can be an essay about a topic (ie: narratology v ludology) or an essay on a game (ie: a critical review), or anything in between. These can be from a blog, a news site or an academic journal, but it DOES need to be accessible for free for a university student (nothing from books they'd have to buy, no "Killing is Harmless," but yes to any journal a student at a university student could access through library databases). Things that are shorter than 10 pages are more likely to be read (it's a class of freshman and sophomores, not upper level media studies majors). Chances are I'll only use a suggestion or two, but I would love to have a nice big bibliography to give them as possible further reading for their essays.

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